Limn File Charter

Limn File is a collaborative collective defined by the diverse art practices of the participating artists. It seeks to provide a forum for the conversations and arguments between current Sydney artists by curating and creating exhibitions and projects at art spaces in Australia and internationally. The exhibitions record the dialogue and dynamic exchange of ideas that would not occur if operating in solitude. The cooperative charter of the Limn file creates dialogue but never imposes a middle ground. Such honesty is reflected in the diversity of artworks as well as the diversity of ideas, themes and conjecture that underpin the work of each participating artist. Limn file is not a closed forum, in addition to its regular contributors, we invite other artists to contribute to the discourse.

Limn File is an approach to the wider domain of recent Australian art practices, and the broader context of visual arts. Matt Glenn, Nicholas Hudson-Ellis, Melissa Laing, Gyles Rider and Michele Zarro may follow different lines of enquiry but their understanding and appreciation of issues pivotal to contemporary artists in Sydney is analogous.

An outline of the artists current concerns can be found below. For further information please consult our personnel page.

  Michele Zarro : The intangible nature of painting and the indefinable nature of the experience of art beyond nameable things determine the tricky terrain of Michele's studio research. By generating unexpected relationships between materials and objects her artworks dissemble meaning and obscure boundaries. The 'performative' element of materiality is an on-going enquiry for her. Zarro is currently undertaking a PhD at Sydeny College of the Arts.  
  Matt Glenn is a young Sydney based artist and curator. His work focuses on discussing theories of the sublime within contemporary wound culture and within the spectrum of remnants. Glenn traverses the mediums of photography, video and installation in his work, using materials ranging from digital images, bullet holes and appropriated references to cult cinema. Matt Glenn is an MVA graduate of Sydney College of the Arts and has exhibited locally and internationally in New York, Paris, Berlin and Cologne  

Melissa Laing's artwork deals with what she considers to be Transit Zones . Spaces, mental states and time periods spent in transit. These range from borders to waiting spaces and encompass the difficult relationship between the romance of travel and the banality of it, the uncertain emotional states of the Transit Zone and the complexity of public space. Her practice explores both the individual experience of transit and the factors that create transit space, trying to discover the impact of the transit zone on micro and macro levels. She is currently a PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, and is theorising the state of transit in international travel and the artwork that is made about it

  Nicholas Hudson-Ellis is a curator and artist currently based in Melbourne. He is working in video and installation. His MVA graduate work was a re-mediation of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds in video and sculpture. Current concerns include an investigation into modernist artist manifestos, abstraction and spatial practices in contemporary video art. Hudson-Ellis continues to maintain his exhibition practice in Sydney as well as showing internationally.  
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