Proposed Constructional Briefing, Dec 1962

In this country this development represents a new type of approach to the handling of research into both field and fundamental aspects of the use of our climate, viewed here as our major natural resource. It represents in considerable measure a change from approaches based on low capital outlay and relatively high use of manpower to higher capital outlay and considerable reduction in manpower requirements. If our situation analyses are correct, and events throughout the world are increasingly supporting them, this type of approach should be used to an increasing extent in the years ahead to achieve more efficient return from research effort. Judgement as to whether that is correct for New Zealand is going to be strongly influenced by the returns achieved for money invested in the first development.

Ken Mitchell, D.S.I.R. Climate Laboratory, Proposed Constructional Briefing, Dec 1962 P.W. 24/2520/3 part 1 Aug 1957 – Dec 1963

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