Call for proposals

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When I read this call for proposals for research conducted in the Climate Room Facilities I was struck by how similar its language was to arts calls for proposals – we’re all really saying the same thing – please want to do something interesting that I can support to give meaning to my institutions existence.

As the Climate Laboratory became more established, they developed a Room Allocation Committee and a formal timeline for conducting research in the facility, from the initial proposal and experiment design process to the reporting stage. The 1976 process assumes that there is no selection process or need to weigh up experiments against each other.

1976 room use proceedure

In the early 198os the facility was achieving 103% space use, so was over capacity (reducing the time available for maintenance) around this point room charges were also introduced for external organisations such as Forestry Research and MAF, although university use and collaborations with PPD staff still remained uncharged.